The monster

The monster up close as he has captured you.

The monster in the game is the antagonist. Its goal is to kill all of the characters before they find all of the tapes.


The monster in White Noise currently has no name. Most people like to call it the "White Noise". Others call it "The Monster" or "Party Man."

In the Sequel, White Noise 2, the creature is called Subject 23.


The monster is very big, white and has very muscly arms and abs and has bloody claws. It also has white top teeth, the bottom teeth are not visible. Sometimes, it can be seen protruding its tongue. It also appears to have no genitalia.


The mechanics of the monster are quite simple:

  • The monster moves while it is not inside your vision
  • When he gets too close to you, he forces you to turn and look at him, thus killing you.
  • Can occasionally instantly kill a player by appearing close enough to their immediate left, right, front, or back to qualify as touching him, which in turn kills the player (Tends to happen on higher difficulties, may be an intentional mechanic of the monster as it tends to happen when the game has carried on for a long time, but it can happen as soon as you collect the first tape)